[photo] Onew at Seoul Music Awards

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6 thoughts on “[photo] Onew at Seoul Music Awards

      • I think people really have different tastes. I have always found Onew to be the cutest and most charming in SHINee even when he was shy & unsure of himself during debut. He’s really maturing well – turning from cute to handsome, manly and self-confident since RDD.

        He’s got unbelievable charisma in person too. I already find him very handsome but was still blown away the first time I saw him up close in SG last March. My friends now all have an Onew-bias too after seeing him in person and LOL, they spazz over Onew more than me.

      • I meant by “typical” the “flower-boy” type… But I myself appreciate his beauty…and also that of Jjong and Key too… The general public in Korea may not think so, though, as he is not a “standard” type. I think he’s a type that will get better as he gets older. You’re so lucky to have had a chance to see him so up close!

  1. Onew is Onew. I find him cute and handsome. But that isn’t the reason why I love him. His personality is what most MVPs find attractive. He is beyond what we expect him to be. The more I know about him, the more I get hooked. He looks innocent and cute but has a really manly charm. He sometimes looks stupid because of Onew sangtae but he is really intelligent. Reading his interviews (specially the GQ interview), made me realize how deep his thoughts are (though sometimes he tends to answer vaguely). And Onew is really talented. He got weird talents that always made me think what would he do next. it’s always “expect the unexpected” from Onew.

    • haha, I know what you mean… That is certainly his charm, acting silly and cute (onew sangtae) sometimes but also being so intelligent and mature… It’s hard to believe he’s already 23 at times, but he’s so responsible and trustworthy at other times… That’s our leader…

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