[info] Onew, Key Special DJ for Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio

Onew and Key will substitute for Eunhyuk and Lee Teuk next Thursday (Jan. 27) as special dj for Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio. This is their first time to pair as DJs for a radio program, right? No doubt they’ll rock!


7 thoughts on “[info] Onew, Key Special DJ for Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio

  1. Actually OnKey DJ’d for PKL’s Starry Night when she gave birth in 2008 – I think this is why they’re pretty close to her. Then in Nov 2009 (during RDD promos) before Onew got H1N1, OnKey were special DJ’s for 1 full month (or 4 Sat’s I think) for 1 radio show. They played their favorite songs & the stark contrast in taste was apparent.

    OnKey was pretty funny on the radio. But I think Onew & Jonghyun have better DJing chemistry based on their Sukira stints both in 2008 and 2010 (during Lucifer promos).

    • Yeah. I remembered this well. Because I’ve seen them apologizing PKL because they were late. and they even touched PKL’s tummy.

    • Wow, in 2008 when they debuted? You know what, when I saw this news, I was like, ooh~ Jonghyun should do this with Onew! No offense intended, lockets… Jjong will love it so much…

      • i feel you. as much as i love OnKey and JongKey, JongYu got great chemistry. They are the trouble pair! they tend to make small things interesting.

      • I agree! I remember when jongyu hosted together 😀 lol it was fun xD but I’d like to see him with key now though…its been a while and key seems to have gotten alot better at being a dj

      • Yes the boys have been special DJs on and off even during debut year. Combo is often either Onew-Key or Onew-Jonghyun. OnJjong has been consistently good since 2008 which is why I hope the 2 of them get their own radio show soon. Both Onew and Jonghyun have always aspired to be radio DJs so I think they will enjoy it. I don’t think that’s possible now because of their Japanese debut.

        Personally I was really hoping the boys had 1 more year in KR to pursue the solo activities they wanted – DJing for Onew and Jonghyun, another musical for Onew, drama for Minho. Not sure what Key wants and Taemin should focus on at least finishing high school. They could have just travelled constantly across Asia and other places for shows just like in 2009-2010. But I guess SM knows best and it seems the Japanese market do want SHINee.

        I wish the boys more success and good health. They have not really rested since 2008 because they’ve been travelling a lot once KR album promos end. It will get crazier with their Japanese debut.

      • You must have been a Replay fan… I don’t know whether Onew and Minho will be able to do MC-ing even after their debut in Japan. As for solo activities, I think they’ll get better opportunities when they make it big in Japan. So let’s hope for the best in their activities in Japan.

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