[TV] SHINee Receive Two Awards @ Seoul Music Awards

Congrats~ Hyungs let Taemin do his acceptance speech 🙂 Missed Jonghyun.

The album of the year will be theirs this year! My wish~


11 thoughts on “[TV] SHINee Receive Two Awards @ Seoul Music Awards

  1. Since they will be in Japan is it even possible for them to win any awards this year? Aside from popularity award. If I’m assuming they won’t have new Korean material

    • It depends… You know SNSD did activities both in Korea and Japan. SME changed their strategy since DBSK break-up. I hope SME does that with SHINee too, but we don’t know yet… but I think they will have at least a mini album out in Korea, if not a regular one.

      • yeah, i hope SM will do that! but i hope SHINee won’t get too exhausted later with double activities in Korea-Japan.
        actually i hope they will have a korean comeback instead of debut in Japan with recycle stuffs 😥 but since it’s SM’s decision, we can’t do anything abt it~
        i’m sure SM will put their best for SHINee though!<3 fighting boys~!!
        (but i still hope that they will have new MVs and outfits just like what SM did to SNSD last time~)

      • What fans are most curious at this point is whether they will debut with a new song or with an old song… What’s certain is even with the old song they will sing in Japanese… that means they can’t recycle the old M/V.

      • i actually don’t want that :/ i want them to stay in japan for a couple of months and get really immersed in the music industry there. I want them to make themselves known to the public and make a real impression in japan. I feel that if they keep going back and forth from japan and korea, they might be labelled as just another k-pop group :/ buuuuuuuuut before they go, i want them to release like a single or something xD

  2. jujugal, if you don’t mind me asking, what is bonsang? And thank you! I watched this last night but couldn’t understand what they were saying.

    • This message was spammed, and I saw it just now! Bonsang is the “main award” — They give this “main award (bonsang)” to ten artists or groups they select as loved by the public in the year.

      • Oh, thank you! I was beggining to doubt that I forgot to hit the post comment botton since I can’t find my post anywhere, lol.

  3. They received disk bonsang and popularity! That’s great. They’ll sure work very hard to get daesang. GO SHINEE!

    • We don’t know yet how they’ll manage their activities in Japan. Will they release an album in Korea too? Hopefully…after making it big in Japan, they’ll be back with a good regular album to Korea to bang the kpop world! That’ll be the best scenario…

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