[photo] Taemin at Seoul Music Awards

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Is it just my biased heart? Taemin looks so other-worldly beautiful… Can’t breathe…

Even news photographers seem to love him like fans.


21 thoughts on “[photo] Taemin at Seoul Music Awards

  1. Taemin is prettier than alot of other girl group members, lol. and he looks like he came out from a japanese 3d animation movie!

  2. Taemin will forever be my bias. Taemin looks amazing as usually. Totally loving the hair! โค

  3. Juju, no! Taemin was extra beautiful last night. He is disturbingly pretty. How could a guy look that pretty and doesn’t even even look gay? Taemin is โค

    • I know! Taem looks totally not “gay” while being so pretty. And he’s not just “pretty”…sometimes he looks so manly…OK, I won’t even start….:-\

  4. I agree Taemin was really beautiful. Well not that he normally isn’t, but just more that usual. He looks like he came out of a manga haha

  5. i’m also wondering why he’s looks so beautiful..
    i once met them in real life, they walked in front of me and smiling, at first i didn’t recognize Taemin, i thought he’s the Model (girl Model) from Korean that came together with SHINee or a woman K-singer that is a guest star same like SHINee..
    i thought what a beautiful eonnie, and how lucky she is walked together with SHINee..
    and i then realised it’s Taemin a few days later, after looked at a news with his photo that day..
    shame on me, i like a failed Shawols.. TT

    • Oh…isn’t he kinda too tall to be taken for a girl? Right, models are tall, hmm… Never, never tell Taem you mistook him for a girl ๐Ÿ˜‰ He’s born with a slim body and pretty features. If you saw his baby picture, you can see it. But I think Taemin can look very manly and handsome rather than pretty according to his hair style. Did he have a long hair when you saw him? Anyway, that’s his charm… What a lucky girl, and you kinda ruined the chance ๐Ÿ˜€

      • when i saw him, his hair is like when they promoted Hello..
        short bob hair, i thought he’s a model, plus he’s wearing make up that day, he’s really pretty.. โค
        but i saw him again the next day, and luckily i can recognised him this time, but he's covering his face with his jacket, and i can see his eye smiling..
        yes, i'm lucky, but i also feel sorry for SHINee, i hope they never came to my country again (FYI, i'm from Indonesia), you know what i mean..
        ehh, it's kind of out of topic, and i don't know did i'm allowed to post it, but i have a fancam when i met them, i never shared it with anyone before.. (you can delete it if i'm not allowed to post this)

        here, you can see that i'm really respecting their space and not even get near to them, but not the other people.. TT
        i'm trying to not disturbed them, not get too close to them..
        FYI, in this fancam, where they walked out from the hotel, there's just me and my 3 friends, also 3 strangers shawols at there, and in the end, i don't know where the hell did the other people come from..
        i'm really feel sorry for JJong.. TT

      • Thanks for the fancam. I believe Indonesian fans must have learned from this experience. What fans would like to see their stars injured? Because it was a rare chance to see their stars, they got too excited… I think we need to learn how to respect those we love. Cuz many times we tend to hurt those we love. Anyway, I feel sorry for both Jjong and Indonesian fans…

      • I feel bad for the Indo Shawols. A lot of people (more on non-shawols i guess, since there are fan accounts of what happened there, and IMO, shawols dont blame co-Shawols most of the time. :D) are taking blame on them. I guess Indo Shawols are victims of the situation. Fans always flock in Airports and events. Chaos are following idols, thus, injuries are inevitable. Unfortunately for Indo Shawols, Jonghyun got injured in Indonesia, thus they get the blame.

      • yeah. more security guards. their big managers can’t protect the boys by themselves. and usually 5 security guards only? girl idols got loads of security.
        (i wonder if SHINee is also the one paying for security guards, since they pay their stylists, managers, make up artists and other staffs)

      • yeaahhh, what you guys said are true..
        when the incident happen (after the KIFF concert), i was at the venue, but i myself don’t know about it..
        and there’s so many Indo-Shawols that didn’t attend, and yet they got blame..
        i have heard that most Shawols didn’t get the tickets (since it a lucky draw), most of them who got it were just a K-pop fans, not a big SHINee fans..
        plus, SHINee is the first K-pop Boyband that came to our country, that’s why fans are so rude and agressive..
        i am so shock when i heard about that accident, a day after the concert..
        i really feel sorry for JJong, i hope he will recovery quickly..
        thanx for your understanding..
        also, i hope all Shawols are like you guys, that understand our situation..
        and i’m really proud to be a Shawols.. โค

  6. No wonder some calls him a fairy. Taeminnie’s beauty is so other-worldy. โค
    I hope I can see him in real life.

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