[photo] Onew & Minho in Pataya IV

Cr as tagged [from twitter | DC Shinee Gallery]

– What game are they playing?

6 thoughts on “[photo] Onew & Minho in Pataya IV

  1. Onew’s smile is so adorable!
    I don’t know the name of the game but… I think the game they are playin is the one where there are two teams on each float. The goal of the game is to push the other team into the water! The last team that is still on the float wins!

  2. Wow Minho is so buff now. Look at those arms.. And so is Onew. They’re becoming more like beast idol. LOL

      • But then again, they would still return to their usual colorful flowerboys! Honestly, i don’t want them to be beastly because being cutesy SHINee is what sets them apart from other groups!

      • I hope they’ll be versatile and keep on trying diverse styles and looks. I love their switch between seemingly contradictory but seamless-looking styles and images. Haha, maybe I’m just too greedy >.<

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