[photo] SHINee in Thailand Tatler Magazine

[from twitter | DC Shinee Gallery]

– We need good scans!! Thai Shawols, please…

– Got more… Are there any more?

– Taemin in a white shirt *o*


10 thoughts on “[photo] SHINee in Thailand Tatler Magazine

  1. they shoot it during the fan party in Thai, right? Now this explains why they stayed for 1 (or 2???) day after the fan party. They also stayed for 1 day after the concert in Aus, so can we expect sth awesome like this comes out later? ^^
    Shinee playing polo is just HOTTTTTTTTT

    • Let’s wait with fingers crossed. That’s what fans guessed when they stayed there. Maybe they did a tour but also must have had some photo shoot.

    • Oh, I found it out, and changed the title. It’s Thailand Tatler. Have you heard of it? Hope you can get the magazine and make good scans! 😉 Fighting~

  2. I’m Thai shawol, too! I’ve heard that “Tatler” is a brand new magazine in Thailand, maybe this is just 2nd or 3rd issue! SHINee went to Pattaya a day after the fan party for this photoshoot 🙂 i’ll go to buy it for sure! thx 4 sharing these scans ^^

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