[news] SHINee to Receive Award at Asia Model Festival Awards

SHINee will receive an award at the 6th Asia Model Festival Awards to be held at JW Marriot Hotel in Seoul on Jan. 21.

The Asia Model Festival Awards, hosted by Korea Model Association, is a cultural event to discover new models and award outstanding models and stars who contributed to advancing culture and arts through various activities in Asia every year.

The awards was inaugurated in 2006, and Korea, Japan, and China started to participate in 2007, followed by Philippines and Uzbekistan in 2008, Thailand, Mongol, Singapore, Taiwan, and India in 2009. It is now recognized as the only prestigious awards in Asia.

[based on bntnews article]

Trans by jujugal

– another award for SHINee!!!


6 thoughts on “[news] SHINee to Receive Award at Asia Model Festival Awards

  1. YAY<333 Glad to hear this!
    congrats congrats for our Shining Boys<3 they really deserve it!
    thanks juju for translating & sharing 😉

  2. SHINee will shine forever! 😀 Yeay, and they won popularity award and Bonsang too is it? Correct it if im wrong. I was expecting them to win daesang tonight at SMA! 😀 I wish they would win. But SNSD is their competition. Tough one.

    • Yes they won two awards. I didn’t expect them to win daesang. SNSD made it so big in 2010. They swept almost all the awards. I hope 2011 will be SHINee’s year.

  3. I’m a little confuse, according to shinee official schedule, shinee will atend the award on Jan 21st at 7pm, but at the same time (from 6:30 pm) OnKey have to go recording for a SBS special show. So only Tae & Ho are going to show up for this event??
    And big applause for Shinee, they re living up for their contemporary band both in music and fashion

    • Does the special show recording start at 6:30 pm? I thought it starts later. They will find a way to do both… Even though the recording starts at 6:30, OnKey’s turn can be much later…

      • I hope they can manage it well. Onkey will be super tired. Yesterday after the award they have to record untill really late. Now this ….

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