[news] Jonghyun’s Leg Surgery Went Well

SHINee Jonghyun had a surgery on Jan. 17.

A source in SM Entertainment said on Jan. 20 that Jonghyun’s surgery went well. He’s recovering fast after the surgery.

Jonghyun got his left ankle injured when a crowd of fans flocked to see SHINee at the Korea-Indonesia Friendship Concert in Jakarta, Indonesia on Oct. 12 last year.

The surgery was advised by doctors after a thorough medical examination.

As Jonghyun is resting after the surgery, the other four members of SHINee will perform at the 20th High One Seoul Music Awards to be held in Kyong Hee University Grand Peace Palace at 7 p.m. on Jan. 20.

[based on Money Today Star News article]

– Now we know why Jonghyun can’t make it to SM Town Concert in Japan.

– Let’s not worry too much… They didn’t tell fans before not to worry fans too much and for Jonghyun’s proetection, I think. Fans may try to find the hospital he’s in… Hope he’ll recover well and fast.


8 thoughts on “[news] Jonghyun’s Leg Surgery Went Well

  1. OMG….he had surgery? It was that serious? This makes me so sad…I…fell so sad….they kept everything a secret…T_________T I feel so emotional…poor bb….;____; jjong plz get well soon i miss you a lot ;_; please take care of yourself jjong….no but really, I feel so hurt that SM didn’t tell us. I know probably to not make us worry but still…

    • Paprii, he’ll be OK. He was able to walk and run, so it must not be so serious. But…still surgery sounds so… I know… And I think it’s also because they don’t want fans to try to find out where he has the surgery… There are such fans who visit the hospital even though they shouldn’t…it won’t do any good to Jjong as he needs to rest well…
      Anyway, we now know why he can’t appear at the singing battle program…

      • Yea I guess fans would try and find the hospital :/ I just want him to get fully healed. It doesn’t even matter if he can attend events or not. His health is more important T^T anyway, thank you Sheena for providing us with the info =)

  2. at first, i’m SOOO shocked when i heard this news >____ WTHH SURGERY??? WHYYYY?! i thought his condition was getting worse so he must have a serious surgery, but now i’m sooo relieved and glad and happy and etc that the surgery went well<3 let's pray for his health, shawols<3
    get well soon our dinosaur KIM JONGHYUN! please don't make us worried even more~ hope he can be with the other members anytime soon (:
    thanks Juju for the news<3

  3. Wow Jjong had to get surgery. I hope the people involved in the pushing and shoving in ID are remorseful. I guess the re-hab didn’t work so this had to be done.

    SM should really put more security to protect SHINee. I was a bit worried again when I saw the crowds pushing in Australia.

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