[info] SHINee to Win SMA Popularity Award

Big hands to Shawols!!

SHINee’s Lucifer topped the popularity award votes with 32.2%, followed by SNSD (29.9%) and SuJu (29.4%). Who says SHINee are not popular? Shawols show their power when an important substantial thing is at stake 😀

So SHINee will get at least two awards, Bonsang and Popularity Award. Will they get the album of the year award? That is the question…


5 thoughts on “[info] SHINee to Win SMA Popularity Award

  1. I have been thinking the same about album of the year! Because I’ve been told usually non-idols get this award? Last year Drunken Tiger won it. I want SHINee to win it so badly! K-shawols are so dedicated, last night the competition was tough, but k-shawols totally pulled it off! =)

    • K-shawols are awesome! Drunken Tiger in 2010, Big Bang in 2009, Epik High in 2008… I don’t know…I have my fingers crossed XD.

  2. Holy crap they beat SNSD & Super Junior!?!? DANGGG, THATS FIERCE COMPETITION RIGHT THERE! SO PROUD OF THEM! BETTER GET ALBUM OF THE YEAR. I heard many non-shawols who don’t really follow SHINee praised their album though.

    • We should be proud of k-shawols. They’re so dedicated. They didn’t win the album of the year, but I’m sure they will one day.

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