[info] SHINee at Idol Sports Competition

SHINee and f(x) Luna to participate in Idol Sports (Track & Field, Swimming) Competition on Jan. 23 from 6:30~9:30 p.m. and from 10:00 p.m.~4 a.m.

[from the official notice posted on SHINee homepage]

The list of players: Kan Miyeon, Kim Dongwan, Nine Muses, Davich, Dalshabet, Raibow, Marco, Miss A, Brown Eyed Girls, Beast, SHINee, Son Hoyeong, Secret, Sista, Seeya (Boram), IU, After School, Eight (Lee Hyeon), f(x), NS Yoonji, MBlaq, U-kiss, Lee Jangwoo, Infinite, Jewelry, G.NA, Chae Yeon, Cho Shinseong, Touch, 2PM, 2AM, Trax, T-ara, Han Mingwan, Hwangbo, Hong Jinyeong (in the alphabetical order)

– the question is, will they participate in the swimming competition??? If so, who?


23 thoughts on “[info] SHINee at Idol Sports Competition

  1. I’d probably cry of happiness if onew decides to join this swimming competition. This noona will finally be able to ogle a half naked onew.

    • I guess Onew is a great swimmer! He said before that when He was a trainee, he tried to lose weight by swimming, walking and jumping rope. I would like to see Onew swim too. But I don’t wanna see his body (though im curious too. ahaha) because I might not able to fall asleep! 🙂

      • Yeah I heard too, but then I saw a video of him dive in the water when they had a photoshoot for starhwabo and he looks funny doing it so I’m quite doubtful. But I’m really curious about ONabs and ONass.

      • yeah. Onew swim with his shirts on. I’ve seen a photo taken in Pataya, among the 4 male idols in the photo, Only Onew has shirts on. the other 3 wore sleeveless. He doesn’t even want to show his ongguns.

  2. I think they will have the buff members ( Minho, Onew ) to join swimming. Then again, they will need Minho for Men Hurdle. LOL

  3. OMG no shirtless Onew please. I could barely handle seeing his abs during the MuBank fan-service perf and him in a wifebeater in Pattaya. LOL. He’s one of those rare idols that do not need to strip for people to drool over – at least in my opinion.

  4. i thought only minho is swimming? i saw it somewghere but cant remember.. to many places that i went to.. hehe

    • Could be. Since he’s the only one who has really shown some skin. But then again I wonder what Onew, Key and Taemin would participate in? Can’t be track again. They’re just not fast enough. I think Taemin will do will in long jump? lol

      • True! If Jong was there, he could be in track. He’s kinda fast. I think Onew should rest (as much as I want to see him often). Taemin could be in Long Jump. he won something before, right (not first place)? Key could MC the show. ahaha

      • I can’t really recall. I think he got 3rd place in something then advanced to the next level.

  5. This is the list I got from a reliable source. So far they said, these are the ones who are confirmed in swimming.

    1. T-ARA Hwayoung and Qri
    2. Rainbow (all)
    3. KARA Hara and Gyuri
    4. 2AM Seulong
    5. 2PM Wooyoung
    6. Miss A Fei and Suzy
    7. IU
    8. JOO
    9. MBLAQ G.O
    10. ZE:A Kwanghee
    11. SHINee Minho

  6. Who can think of a schedule like that??? Seriously, forcing over a hundred idols to do physical activities over night is just way more than too much. Have they ever think about the human rights??? I believe that after the insane filming, shinee have to rush to Japan for SMT concert and that’s totally wrong! MBC is suck! (i don’t think i should say SM is suck to make them working like that, cause i believe our boys personally want to attend. Depend on all the Chuseok fancams i have to say that the boys enjoyed it so much)
    Anyway, i hope Minho win all the 1st place in racing. Last time he looked totally disappointed and angry with himself when only went 2nd on the 400m relay. It hurts a lot to see that fancam T.T
    Minho ah, this time u can take your “revenge” ^^ .Run Minho run!!!!!!!!!!

    • I don’t think SM can say no to the request of broadcasting stations because of their power, you know. Anyway, I’m glad our boys can enjoy what they can’t avoid. Minho, it’s your revenge time!!

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