[photo] Onew & Minho in Pataya – Final Couples

[from twitter]

Onew looks so nice and handsome in the black suit! But to the joy of fans, he wasn’t coupled with any girl?

Seungri – Uee

Minho – Krystal

Donghae – Hara

Eunhyuk – Seungyeon

Nickhun – Hyuna

Jeongmin – Seonhwa

The rest boys coupled with…eh…boys!!! 😀

– Where are the other girls?? I don’t know, but this is what people say the final couple list… Poor Onew…


15 thoughts on “[photo] Onew & Minho in Pataya – Final Couples

  1. waaa, onews not coupled with anyone? lol! oh so confusing! aigo! *face palms* why was i worrying, we’ve got our hot leader for ourselves its okay! ^^

    • He had game partners–Hara and Seungyeon. Seems like they changed partners playing different games?? and this is the list of final couples chosen after all games?? Let’s see…

      • i don’t mind him swapping partners, it’s good that there’s no couple at the end of it all, we all know minstal, but onews never really been coupled properly in a show before (unless you count hara or seungyeon) and to top that off his pairing would be a non sm girl, and most mvp’s arn’t comfortable with that, they’re okay with on(x) or on(SNSD) or on(GAG)
        nice nice nice, i kinda get it now, you play games with most of the females and then at the end the couple has to say one another’s name to become a couple? i think, i remember that game on variety shows 😀

    • This is so confusing D: guess we’ll just have to wiat until it airs to figure anything out

  2. Why is Minho still with Krystal…? Is this real or just another rumor? Are they still allowed to pick the same one? I love him and all but its really getting boring with him picking the same person. Its like dream team all over again..

    • I don’t know how they got to choose their partners… It was a safe (=boring) choice for Minho! I don’t think he will take a risk…

  3. IMO, sometimes Minho needs to step out of his comfort zone and be truly honest. Don’t listen to every word the management ask of you. For example 100 points. It was really annoying and boring with him denying every single thing that was thrown to him. I love the guy but that’s not how you do variety. He does it like he’s in an interview or something. He was interesting on the previous episodes because of his love line with Son Eunseo. Now she’s gone too. He needs to take examples from his sunbaes ( Heechul, Shindong, Leeteuk, Eunhyuk, Onew ) They all long ago have decided to step out of his comfort zones and just give all they got. And look where that decision brought them now. If Minho really wants to be successful out there, aside from Shinee, he really needs to consider his choices well…

    • I know… but he might be trying to figure it out. And many fans actually didn’t like the love line very much… in part because Eunseo is kinda boring. It’ll be better if the love line is with someone more interesting…? (Or it’s just an excuse? they are simply jealous? haha;) Anyway, fans were very upset in the previous episode cuz Minho didn’t yield to Taeseong in the bathroom…they say it ruins his image as an honor student the program has shown so far. Anyway aside from fans’ responses, it’s OK for him to step out of his comfort zone, but it needs to be done very skillfully and interestingly. I think you need to get a “sense” of what works and what doesn’t, of some kind of subtle line between “not enough” and “too much”. And it seems that Minho is still too young to know the line. If you don’t know yet what works, it might be better to be safe. I think Onew got it and is now more confident.

      • Nahh , im not jealous at all lololol. XD Im a Taemint and seeing Minho in the group that i am biased doesnt mean i hate the love line of MinSeo.

        I love variety shows, that’s why. I want to watch funny stuff happening not seeing this weird love line every episode. @____@ I mean the show is about being successful in the entertainment business? Where did that point go? :/

        I wish MinSeo would be funny not secretive at least. I don’t enjoy watching shy and innocent love line. I like Hyori/Jongkook/Yejin love line though because it’s realistic! ^^

  4. Bummer….. Why would these girls not choose Onew? I guess Seungyeon is afraid of a scandal since they’ve had a couple of close calls before incl his Dad choosing Onew as her ideal partner.

    Maybe it’s all for the better – we MVPs can keep him to ourselves (LOL).

  5. I don’t know if i could share here .. just my point. After all day long shocking from Kara’s news, I begin worrying for our boys
    First, will this special episode be canceled??? You know, the broadcast station usually won’t air stuff related to some “troubled – celebrities” ( i’ve heard that KBS canceled the Happy Together 3 ep with Jjong and Taemin because of the Jongkyung thing, and because of that gambling host/comedian – i don’t remember his name, one ep with all Shinee members had been canceled, so did the SGB ep with OnTae on KBSWorld. If they did it, i fell really sorry for OnHo for their efforts and hard works for more than 2 previous days. Even if they just cut all the screen time of Hara and Seungyeon it will affect the screen time of Onew too, poor him!
    Second, i know that i just overreacting but every time i hear about split up/ disband i suddenly worry for our boys. I don’t fully trust SM for many reasons. So i’m here, once again pray for their strong bonds/brothership will last to the very end. Forever shining Shinee! we shawols are with you forever!

    • i don’t think so…
      happy together and shin pd starred them, while these don’t. i think the most they’ll do is edit kara stuff out :/

    • I think it’s a natural reaction… but those were cancelled not because of Jongkyung. They didn’t do anything wrong!! Shin Jeonghwan’s case was serious cuz he did illegal gambling.
      As for team split up, no one can bet on such a thing. It’s not only the management company that is responsible for it. You should share goals and get what you want through group activities. And once your family intervene in your business, it’s done. I heard Kara’s families did that as DBSK’s did. Because they are so young, they’ll be led by what their families tell them to. I hope my boys are smart enough to know how the system works and stay true to ethical value, not succumb to the sweet but cruel temptation of money.

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