[info] Idol Star 7080 Singing Battle

2011 New Year’s Special!!

We invite you to the singing battle of idol stars.

To be recorded on Jan. 20 (Thu.) 22:00~

Idol guests: Super Junior, SHINee, 4 Minute, Miss A, T-ara, After School, FT Island, Alex, f(x), MBlaq, ZE:A, Secret, Sista, etc.

– Onew and Key are said to appear. Onew comes back from Pataya and has to sing there?? And there will be Seoul Gayo Daejeon too…


26 thoughts on “[info] Idol Star 7080 Singing Battle

  1. i don’t understand why they make Onew to appear on every single event? Did the broadcast stattion esp requests him or something? if not Why can’t just spit up? If this is singing battle, Jjong can go. Taem too , he doesn’t hav schedule. The manager should divide work reasonable.

    • I think they want Onew… PDs must love him too much… We all know Onew’s charms appealing to the public. And Onew knows so many old songs while Jjong may not. And there might be more new year’s specials we don’t know about yet in which Jjong could appear… Taem is still too young, you know. But he could also appear in other NY programs. Idols get so busy on all these holidays, especially as TV stations are making idol specials. You know there will be the idol sports competition again.

    • i think Onew has the most packed schedule since he has become the most popular member in SHINee (in terms of well known in public social) and the PDs always refer the popular one in a group (i.e Gu Hara in Kara, Huyna in 4minute, Suzy in MissA, Lee Joon in MBLAQ). All we can do is just praying he will survive >.< and the others (Key and Jong) can quickly gain popular to share his heavy duty ^^

      • Well, Onew and Minho are the most popular right now in terms of who gets the most offer to go shows. At that one variety Onew used to host ( Noctural ), Minho got the most screen time when Shinee was a guest host. Even the PD said he prefer Minho over Onew.. But I think Minho is the one which PDs prefer the most now. I also think that the other members deserve more attention esp Taemin ( Yes, he’s my bias ) but that’s just how it is in Korea. I mean, look at the other idol groups. They also have the same person representing the group in shows. Nickhun, Sunhwa, Hara, etc.. The best most recent example is the pattaya special event. Look at all the names on the list.. So there’s really no use complaining about this. I bet all the PDs in Korea already have their own list of favorites about this thing.

      • Taemin still being a minor is why he’s not appearing in these variety shows as much, I think. He has potential because of his eye-grabbing beauty. But he’s kinda reserved…that can be a problem. Frankly, it’s OK with me cuz I want to see him more in drama acting rather than in entertainment. We fans need to be more patient. They have to be careful not to consume their images too fast.

  2. it stated SHINee but are all of SHINee members will participate or only Onkey will >___< ?

    WOAAAH.. Yeah, the boys will be very tired esp Onew 😥 poor him, hope he will get enough rest! please take care of your health, SHINee!

    oh right, is it Seoul Music Award?? i heard that SHINee is leading the vote of popularity award there! yay, fighting boysss ^^

  3. I agree with sophia, do they specifically ask for Onew? If so Onew’s popularity is bitter sweet though I want to see him happy he is popular I also don’t want him over worked. If not, let the other members participate. They can sing too. Onew’s health is just as important as the other members.

    • More often than not, the guests are decided by the show PDs. But I think SM has the option to suggest an alternative if the talent is not available or to decide on who to partner/pair-up with the main talent invited by the show. I’ve noticed that when it comes to a singing battle, they choose to go with Onew & Key while they put Onew & Minho on variety shows or just one of the two. I miss the days when OnJongKey would guest at the 1000 Song Challenge – they were always a hoot!

      • Jjong can and should be in these singing battle shows! But there might be some other considerations they’re taking… For Jjong, I’m hoping he can get a corner in a radio program as he wishes. We should remember SM is not as almighty as some antis believe. The power of broadcasting stations is so unfairly big, so SM should do what they ask to stay in a good relationship with them…

    • Well, there’s at least some truth there. Out of all the Shinee members, he mentioned Minho. Well, doesn’t really matter though. I think Key will do very well in variety out of all the members. I think he’s getting some more attention now.

      Well, even if the other members don’t appear that much on shows, they still have to share their earnings. So, its the popular members who are really tired.. Just my 2cents

    • I agree. During those time Onew has a busier schedule so if they really wanted Minho instead of Onew, it could easily be done. Besides the PD said so himself in an interview after watching Onew in SGB and other variety shows, he’s got what it takes to be an MC. I’m so upset it got cancelled, Onew was learning a lot on that show. (I apologize for grumbling, Onew bias here but I love Minho too, he is his hyungs’ keeper, very supportive.)

    • Minho and Onew is competing in popularity in Korea, the PD must have named Minho because he is popular and he is handsome. In most shows, the most handsome/pretty and the popular got much airtime than the rest.

      Anyways, I agree that Key is great with variety shows. I also wondered why he isn’t hired to go on v.shows.
      By the way, I’ve heard that SM artists are paid in group when they are performing in group. They are paid separately for individual appearances unless the members agreed about it or share their profits. (I maybe selfish but I don’t think it’s fair for Onew to be paid in 1/5 from his profit in his musicals)

      • I don’t think that is selfish. Right, Onew will get all his earnings from individual activities, and he should. So even though he has a busy schedule, I think it’s not what the company forces him to do. He makes money and builds up his reputation. And (I should be very careful in saying this) Key may not have a very public-appealing image… you know once you get to know him, there are so many points you find attractive in him…but general public-wise…he may be working on it to look more friendly these days… But what I approve of SME is they try to be balanced in giving work to members. Not possible to make it exactly even, but trying to make it not too lopsided. With other idol groups, you see only one or two get popular and appear in all variety shows. And they have divide their earnings with other members. But not like that with SME artists.

      • Well, on 100 points, didn’t Song Joongki asked Minho if he ever bring back his entire earning? He was lost of words because of that question. I think they still share them despite the claim?

        I do agree with you on the Key part. ( please don’t flame me Lockets ) I remember he was seen as arrogant by the public because of the way he speak. But he can be really funny because of his honesty. Best example was when he exposed Minho as the noona killer. He was great on SGB too.

      • But it’s not SME’s way with their artists as I’ve heard of how SuJu and SNSD and others get earnings for group and individual activities. So SHINee won’t be an exception. The main reason other idol groups divide even money from individual activities is that it’s so lopsided. Only one or two members are making money. So if they don’t divide it, the other members will have nothing. And one thing to have in mind when watching those tv entertainment programs: They are based on real facts and personalities, but still they are “scripted.” When I watched the talk battle with Joongki, I also wondered why Minho didn’t say anything…but felt like the MCs just stopped the game and announced Joongki’s win. This is my speculation: with Jjong’s activities with the SM Ballad, I got an impression that way SME is making up for Jjong… SME cannot divide activities evenly between members as there are more demands for some members, but they try to make it as balanced as they can, because it will cause a problem if it’s too lopsided. Anyway…I’m talking too much, sorry for boring you…

      • well you’re not boring me at all. i find your views very interesting! thanks for always translating for us shawols who find every bit and tiny news about shinee very fascinating!
        i know our shinee bbs are really tired esp Onew and Minho but i’m glad they have these many shows. i find it better that they are busy rather than idle and insignificant. they are blessed with these opportunities to entertain and touch people while doing what they love. it’s a win win situation. Onew and Minho may be tired but i believe they are smart enough to know their bodies and limits. i hope they get to rest too… it would be best having fun and enjoying their ‘work’.
        . . . now, i’m the one talking too much, haha!

      • I think Onew and Minho know it and are thankful… I hope they don’t forget it even as they become more popular. Some stars change when they become big and want to act like a big star… My boys won’t, I believe. Anyway, it’s a blessing in a way for all our boys to be able to be in these shows. See other groups, only one or two of them can make it. And did you see Happy Birthday, a program Key and Taemin appeared as guests (Taemin said his ideal girl is someone like a sunflower…). I was impressed to see they are treated as VIPs there. Compared to other guests (sunbaes), they got lots of camera time. That’s the power of SME, you know. (don’t worry I talk more, haha)

      • yeah, popularity does get to people’s head sometimes and unconsiously change you for the worst. i hope they stay humle and grateful as they always are -shinee’s qualities that makes me love them more aside from talent, looks and personality.
        oh, i didn’t get to see that show… would have been nice to see taemin and key. i can imagine taemin torn between sunflower or emma watson, haha! i wonder wat kind of girl is a sunflower-type, cheery, maybe?! i’m glad they were like vips there -a treatment they so much deserve. being with sme sure comes with privilages, i hope they get recognized more and wont be treated as just another flash-in-the-pan idol or someone’s dongsaeng or the next ‘this group’. wow, sounds like they are my kids who i want the best in life for!!
        anyway, thanks for all the updates!

      • Even fans younger than Taemin think they are their kids and treat them so. I think this is what Miyake meant when he said SHINee appeal to the protective instinct of fans 😉

  4. Oh and Onew would totally own the singing battle. His voice and singing style is among those among Korean idols that is very unique. Much like Jong. 😀

    • Yeah. he would totally own like usual. ahaha! He has a unique voice (I could definitely tell it’s him whenever they sing with other groups. I could tell everyone’s voice in SHINee when they are singing as SHINee). He is also versatile, he could sing songs in multiple genre. and he knows a lot of songs, even old songs.

  5. Popularity is double-edged. The more popular he gets, the more packed his schedule becomes. I get worried for Onew’s health but I must say I am really happy to see how much the variety shows seem to want him. There has been a significant increase in both his regular appearances and guestings since RDD days.

    To those arguing who is more popular between Onew & Minho -> I don’t see the point. They appeal to different demographics bec they have different strengths/talents, looks and personalities. We should be happy that they’re both getting really popular despite those differences because it means SHINee’s able to reach/appeal to various demographics, thus expanding their overall popularity. (Side note: yeah the nocturnal PD was trying to be funny when he said that). I am just sad that Key is still not more in-demand despite SM’s efforts to put him out there. Taemin’s too young and should focus on his studies. Jonghyun does not enjoy variety shows so I am glad SM is letting him do what he wants (Song-writing, SM The Ballad, etc).

    I hope Onew gets to do more musicals in the future despite their Japanese debut. So many critics have praised him and declared his ‘idol’ transition to musicals a success. I hope he can build on last year’s success and gain more credibility there. But then again, when will this boy find the time to do it? *sigh*

    Re earnings: I read a post on the income distribution. I think they get to keep earnings from individual activities so good for Onew (esp from the musicals). But they actually only get paid for regular appearances e.g. Music Core, Nocturnal, 100 Pts, etc BUT NOT for guestings.

    Thus Onew’s schedule is packed this week in the interest of representing SHINee and spreading its popularity but he does not necessarily earn from it. Onew’s been working really, really hard in behalf of SHINee since 2010. I do not think they have turned down a lot of TV invitations based on his schedule. I hope more SHINee fans appreciate that about him.

    • In 100 pts and other shows, I notice that whether being a regular or not is made a big deal as the guests show their excitement when the MCs say you can be a regular. So you may be right. And it’s not only for money all the idols appear in TV shows as you pointed out. But for Minho & Taemin in DT Saipan Special and Onew & Minho in Pataya, they may make money too. Did you hear SBS made a contract with Thailand Tourism Services (something like that) for the idol coupling special (all the twitted pictures are from the guests who bought the hotel package tickets)? So it can’t be free appearances. And SHINee–Onew and Minho are not those new idols who just need to promote their groups, but Korean Wave stars with lots of overseas fans. Anyway, I get your point. I agree that what Onew’s been doing should be more appreciated!

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