[photo] Onew & Minho in Pataya I

Cr to Taem*aholic [from twitter|DC Shinee Gallery]

So it’s Onew-Hara, Minho-Hyorin! Minho-Hyorin is like the strongest couple. Minho knows whom to choose to win the race 😉 And it seems shawols are relieved, hoho. Fans are also expecting to see moments of Onew-Hara gag (Onew Sangtae) 🙂

– So Minho did OMG there to tempt the girls! 😛

Couples: jungmin – sunhwa, seungri – hyuna, jinwoon-lizzie, chansung – uee, nichkhun – hyomin, onew – hara, minho – krystal, eunhyuk- seungyeon, donghae- hyorin [from twitter]

– OK, so it’s Minho-Krystal, still a strong couple? Hara, Krystal, Hyorin are known for being athletic, but they didn’t participate in the idol sports competition. It’ll be interesting to see who will win.

-It’s confusing. Some say the couples are only for dance, not for games, and they’ll be coupled differently?? Anyway, please, have it in mind that these are not officially confirmed. (Let’s enjoy this thrilling guessing time 😉 )

– Seriously, MinHae couple looks hot *_*

– Onew not feeling well? They’re having a break because he’s sick? He must be very tired… Hope it’s nothing serious…

– The film shoot is being live broadcast on twitter, haha.

– They finished filming for the day. Hope Onew and Minho can sleep and rest well.




19 thoughts on “[photo] Onew & Minho in Pataya I

    • afraid that it would be Seungyeon? Onew-Hara pair would be the dorkiest pair. I like them together though, they seem comfortable in Invincible Youth before.

      • exactly,lol,its not that i hate seungyeon,but i just dislike her,hehe
        yeah, gag couple ftw! i love to see their interactions in IY xD~

      • I dunno if Onew and Hara are close but they get along well and Onew isn’t soooo awkward with Hara in IY. Hara even taught Onew a lame Joke in IY in which Onew used in a radio program. Onew called Hara as Ragoo Ragoo. they sooo dorky together!

      • what is ‘ragoo ragoo’? LOL, and hara seems familiar with ‘onew sangtea’ xD

      • I dunno but i think it’s because her name in:
        Korea : Goo, Hara – since they called their “surname” first before their “first name”
        International : haRA GOO.
        I think Onew derived it from haRA GOO. haRA GOO. he omitted “ha”

  1. i like hara!!onew hara couple will be funny <333
    hyorin from sistar?? hoho..minho and her will just win everything <333

  2. Wow good luck to the others then.. Minho and Hyorin are the strongest there. I hope they leave some for them. LOL

  3. I heard it was Minho-Krystal?
    Onew-Hara are adorable together so I’ll be looking forward to it.
    Anyway, I can’t wait to watch this show.

  4. Onew’s cp would be very hilarious haha
    And I love Hyorin ;_; Minho and Hyorin will just win everything and they are all sweet people ^_^ I ship them xD

  5. i’m a little disappointed at first when hearing Mino being coupled with Hyorin (not that i hate her but she’s just … i don’t know how to explain >.<). Now, when i like super happy with Minstal i'm still a little down with Donghae_Hyorin. Why??? They're all my favorite boys. Not that i'm complaining. Just curious to the max. OMG, can't wait to see! Thanx Juju 1000 times for feeding me with all the updates. I ❤ u

    • So you don’t like “safe” coupling? You know what I mean? And Hyorin is known for being a strong girl? It’s for games, you know:)

      • i’m weird, right? although i’m a hardcore fan of Minho, i just really really like all the scandalous couples. Hehe, may be cause i’m a noona fan… i don’t know. Minho with BoA, Eunseo, Yuri, Krystal, Hara, Seohyun, Suzy …. all are just sooooooo adorable. My God, so far he’s been shipping with lots of girls >.<. Sometimes, i'm scared with the fact that he's been with someone (the "bracelet" on his right hand made me really really nervous TT). But i think i'm just old enough not to very concern about the "make to believe couple" but enjoy it ^^

      • Yeah, I think you can enjoy the couplings cuz you know they’re not real. But the bracelet scared you, didn’t it? 😀 I still like to see him with Donghae. They have more chemistry with each other. SuJu EunHae shippers will be strongly against this idea, though!

      • minho with Donghae, Eunhyuk or Khunnie will make it cuteness overload <3. Why don't just let our boys coupled with each other and forget about the girls, right? LOL, our fangirl's dream will come true

  6. OMG it’s Minho-Krystal???? seriously?!! YAY i love them both<3
    & thanks Jujugal for the updates 😉

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