[photo] Onew & Minho in Pataya III

[from twitter|dktesz:)]

– It’s a rare moment of Onew in sleeveless–showing off his muscles! Minho looks like he’s back for Dream Team shoot 🙂

– They’re playing Korean traditional wrestling…

– Minho with Krystal, I’m not cool… Flamers, can you be cool?

– Someone twitted “Onew is winner the game (he was wet so sexy)” – Sure he is!

– OK, Onew with Seungyeon… Today’s pictures will torture a fangirl’s heart… *_* Btw, poor Nikhun carrying Uee (don’t know how to spell her name). He looks like drowning XD


27 thoughts on “[photo] Onew & Minho in Pataya III

      • I get that they’re kind off overprotective trust me I am too but it’s really nice to see some ONskin once in a while.

      • lol! its because we don’t want girls to start eyes our onew up 😀 i dont want him to show skin either, but god, he is so so sooooo hot in that wife beater, and its not fair that he hides it under all that black and all those colour clothes, – (not reference to pre RDD and post RDD lol!)

  1. Onew hid his muscles well. I thought the chocolates melted when he got too busy. What a sight! I like how he shows it only rarely keeps this side of him a pleasant mystery. I’m not a perv noona by the way, lol.

      • I know! He said in a magazine interview (lucifer days, I can’t remember which) that because of their busy schedules ‘the chocolates are melting’. And the drooling is probably because you don’t get to see it often. It does get old when you see it too much.

    • They’re just rumors.. First they said the couples were Onew-Hara, Minho-Hyorin. Now its confirmed that the couples are Onew-Seungyeon and Minho-Krystal.

  2. onew’s muscles is super cool. xP well he’s showing it in the right place, and when it’s necessary for him to wear sleeveless 🙂 so no need to worry shawols, he wont strip LOL
    aaaah why they paired onew with seungyeon? i dont really like her *just my opinion you guys peace*
    but minho and krystal, i kinda okay with it. plus they look super super cute there xD well maybe because i just know that minho doesnt have that kinda feeling for her, just oppa-dongsaeng relationship 🙂
    *i talk too much lol sorry*

    • I agree! I don’t like Seungyeon, (also just my opinion, PEACE!) there’s something unsettling about her I don’t know exactly what. Lesser of two evils… I’d prefer Hara as his partner here (not in real life mind you, I’m relieved that Onew needs sleep and a vacation perhaps morethan a girlfriend right now, lol) Krystal, don’t like her too probably because she’s not acting her age (just an opinion again, don’t kill me!).

  3. yaaa, it’s ok to feel a bit jealous but that’s it. What’s with all the “i hate seeing them together” thing? What i find even more absurd it’s Onew not being allowed to show off his arms!!!! that’s really ridiculous. I know that they have this innocent side that we all love but doing something like this doesn’t mean they will change. They are natural born good guys, right? And i really like koreans being more reserved in terms of personal life and public image but let’s not exagerate. One more thing, if they don’t admit they are dating it doesn’t mean they aren’t.

    • I think Onew prefers something with sleeves unless it’s really hot. Have you seen their Juliette promotion? Only Onew didn’t use sleeveless. It must be sooo hot in Thailand and it’s a good to use sleeveless in such venue (beach/pool).

    • I think he’s saving it for later. For a more dramatic effect. Like Minho did for the concert. Minho didn’t show it to the public yet. Later when the right time comes, he will. Maybe in a drama? If you show all like 2pm, it’s sensational at first, but you get bored soon. The next time they show it, you’re just like, well nothing more? I think SME knows how to manage their images.

  4. ONEW IN SLEAVLESS IS SUCH A WIN! BUT I DONT WANT EVERYONE TO NOTICE HOW HOT THIS GUY IS, OTHERWISE WE’RE going to have to share him with way to many people, lol! and its nice to see him show skin once in a while,
    as for the couplings! i’m totally okay with it, since i dont like to ship guyguy pairings, and i think onew and seungyeon work together really well as do minstal ^^

  5. Dubu………………….yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He hides his body then BAM!! I don’t support the Minho+Krystal…….sorry. Minho still being a hyung-whore I see.

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