[TV] The final line-up for SBS Star Couple Battle in Pataya

MC Kim Jedong

KARA –  Ku Hara, Han Seungyeon

SS501 – Park Jeongmin

4 Minute – Hyeona

T-ARA – Hyomin

After School – UI, Lizzie

f(x) – Krystal

Sista – Hyorin

Big Bang – Seungri

2AM – Jinwoon

SuJu – Eunhyuk, Donghae

2PM – Nickhun, Chanseong

SHINee – Onew, Minho

– They left for Pataya today. Some idols filmed the opening part, but Onew and Minho didn’t.



10 thoughts on “[TV] The final line-up for SBS Star Couple Battle in Pataya

  1. OMG. KARA’s Hara and Seungyeon have always been linked to Minho and Onew. ahaha! They might be paired, right?

    • LOL that’s exactly what came to mind when I first saw the list. They are definitely doing this on purpose. Though, I hope they get paired with someone else. There are exactly 8 men and 8 women on the list. This is gonna be fun if its going to be games like dream team. I think Minho and Eunhyuk will pawn. LOL

      • i bet a lot of Shawols are worried now. ahaha! i dont have problems with it though, as long as they got much airtime, ill be happy to watch the show. :))
        If it’s going to be like dream team and If krystal & minho will be paired, there is no chance for any other couple to win.

      • I bet that’s what most shawols are afraid to see, haha. I mean the Han Seungyeon-Onew pair or Ku Hara-Minho pair. The New Year’s day will be a time of trial for many shawols. LOL

  2. Jujugal, true! Krystal-minho couple is the safest. But I doubt if they put them together!

    Want SHINee-KARA couple in here. At least I know Kara’s Seungyeon and Hara. I dunno much about the other girls.

  3. Jujugal, Jung Juri-Onew pair is the only Onew pair (except of On-SHINee pairs) that the entire MVP approve!

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