[review] Onew in an article “Idol Boom in Musicals”

… Cho Yongshin, a musical critic, pointed out “successful cases” as one of the reasons idols keep trying musicals.

There are specific successful cases like Onew in Brothers Were Brave and the Rock of the Ages. Traditional musicals with strong dramatic elements will be hard for them, but with such musicals they’ve tried so far, casting idol stars doesn’t disrupt the general direction. Old musical fans like it if the idol-turned-actor does well. They won’t resent it if he turns into the character well.”

[from Magazine Play DB]

Onew was mentioned in an article in the online magazine for plays and musicals. The article is analyzing the cultural phenomenon of idols cast in musicals along with interviews with those working in the field of musicals. It’s great to see Onew recognized as a successful case of an idol trying musicals! (Onew was the only one whose name was pointed out as a successful case in the article 🙂 )

12 thoughts on “[review] Onew in an article “Idol Boom in Musicals”

  1. Can I just say how I’m so proud of Onew for doing so well in his musical venture. Reading all these articles trying to throw backhanded compliments at him and praising him for a job well done makes me so happy that his hardwork has really paid off.A lot of critics and directors who’s noticing his talents, I’m really happy for him.

    • I heard they wanted Onew for Three Musketeers, but Onew couldn’t because of his busy schedule. Onew as d’Artagnan will be great. Maybe some day…

      • Yeah. They wanted Onew for Three Musketeers but Onew declined. This only shows that they are really impressed with Onew. The musical director thinks highly of him, you could really tell with the previous post about Onew’s musical. He seemed to favor him more than any other idols he has worked with.

      • He was? wow! that’s awesome…he’s in demand that means he really did a great job. I wish he can do dramas too so everyone can watch.

  2. Onew always exert more effort than expected. He always give us something more than what we deserve. I’m sooo proud of him. *tears*

      • Yeah. That’s really SHA-PRIDE. ahaha! are you the one who created it? haven’t heard about it before, until i’ve seen your posts here.
        Way to go SHINee! I hope the other members would have the chance to showcase their talents and be recognized like their leader.

  3. I’m so proud of Onew I could cry T.T and very thankful for all those criticts and directors who recognized his talent, hardwork and passion.

  4. Aww he looks so young and cute in the pic with glasses!!
    Congrats Onew!!! You really deserve it!!!
    I’m really proud of you!!!

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