[spoiler] Onew at Star Battle

At the opening, Onew in a white suit and bowtie

Sang a part of “I’m Your Girl” (SES song?)

and “Candy” with a glove on

Onew is coupled with Moon Heejoon and an actress

[from On Air]

So it’s not really a “coupling” in the sense of a guy pairing with a girl! Fans rest relieved?

OK, this must be a different program because the SBS Idol Couple program will be recorded in Pattaya from Jan. 17.

This one is being recorded now. Sorry for confusing you.


3 thoughts on “[spoiler] Onew at Star Battle

    • It is confusing. The info is from On Air (Onew’s fansite), but I got it from DC Shinee Gallery. I think this one is a different program. Onew must be in all the New Year’s TV special programs 0_0; I’ll change the title.

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