[review] Onew “Promising” New Musical Actor

Then, who is a “promising” new musical actor in his view? Musical director Lee Seongjoon did not  hesitate to pick SHINee Onew who worked with him for the “Rock of the Ages.”

“Onew is like a sponge and has passion and power. A singer sometimes doesn’t pronounce clearly with music accompanied, but in a musical it can cause a problem to delivering emotions through words to the audience. But Onew’s pronunciation was very clear. If he were not a star, I’d have discovered him. Of course, Kyuhyun has a good mindset and does well. He is consistent.”

[from Arts News interview with Lee Seongjoon, a musical director of Mozart, Jack the Ripper, Rock of the Ages, and currently Three Musketeers]

Trans by jujugal


10 thoughts on “[review] Onew “Promising” New Musical Actor

  1. You’re awesome jujugal! i actually go here for shinee news more than any kpop community site! thanks for your hardwork!

  2. Onew is well-loved. Almost every person who works with him, praises him, not just about his talent but also with his personality. Always doing his best to go beyond his idol image.

    He is making himself known as a Musical Actor. Musical director Lee Seongjoon is impressed with Onew. I’ve heard that they casted Onew for three-musketeers but Onew rejected it. I wish Onew would be casted for another musical again!

    • I have no doubt he will be. The question is whether his schedule will allow him to do so. His voice suits musicals unlike other idol singers. I believe he should have received the New Musical Actor Award.

      • I’m really hoping that he’ll be recognized as a New Musical Actor. His voice is very unique and he got such great diction that even when he sings in 4 different languages, he’ll still be understood.
        Yeah, it’s kinda impossible for him to take musicals at the moment. They are still preparing for Japan!

  3. Thank you for translating this. I was hoping someone would when I saw the Korean article.

    I am really, really proud of Onew. He has established himself in the theatre. The accolades keep rolling in. I like the fact that the musical director claimed Onew is someone he would have ‘discovered’ if he wasn’t a star yet.

    I hope SHINee’s schedule allows him to continue to do musicals in the future.

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