[info] SBS New Year’s Idol Coupling Program

To be recorded at Pataya, Thailand, on Jan. 17-19.

I posted this before, but a more specific line-up is out. Fans are crying out loud, begging their idols to be excluded 😀

[Source: Daum Telzone]


16 thoughts on “[info] SBS New Year’s Idol Coupling Program

  1. Wait………..girls and boys are going to be paired together??? I was about to ship me some Onho and Eunhae!!!!

  2. Yeah, what’s this program all about? One man and one girl from an idol group couple up and participate in games?

  3. I dunno with other fans, but I always supported Onew with “coupling” thing because I believe that he is more interested with Chicken than girls. :))

    • haha, there’s a rumor Onew might be cast in “We Got Married” next season. It’s just a rumor. Fans are against it. Even thought they know it’s not for real, they don’t want to see him with a celebrity girl. There’s no reason in jealousy 😉

      • Oh well. That’s the only show I don’t want Onew or any SHINee to be in (not that i’ll be jealous or something). WGM is a show not for SHINee. (I really cant explain this. ahaha)! But I don’t worry about it that much because it’s impossible for SME to allow SHINee to be in that show. SHINee got hectic schedule and aside from that, they’ll debuting in Japan soon.

  4. thanks for the info..i also hope to see onho or minkhun..just like the previous
    episode when minho and jonghyun went together..where at the end minkhun hugging together..hihi..same as K-shawols i also don’t like with minho-eunseo loveline making in OMS..but as long as there is minho, i will watch though i don’t like it..just convince myself its all scripted..uhuh..for this show~hopeminhonotbeingpairedwithyuri~if other girls that he awkward with it’s ok..ahaha

  5. LOL.Its coupling. I think MINHO AND KRYSTAL are togehter since they took heaps of photos of them together! they will be a bomb man! Since they were on dream team! CUTE HOPE THERES SUBS ^^

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