[news] Jonghyun Not to perform at SM Town Live in Tokyo

「SMTOWN LIVE IN TOKYO」へたくさんのご応募を頂き、誠にありがとうございます。
「SMTOWN LIVE IN TOKYO」への出演を予定しておりますSHINeeメンバーのジョンヒョンが足の治療の為、
今回「SMTOWN LIVE IN TOKYO」でのSHINeeの出演に関しましては、


Thanks for many applications for SM Town Live in Tokyo.

SHINee Jonghyun, who was planning to perform at the concert, cannot appear due to his leg injury.

We are very sorry for the news but ask for your understanding. The other 4 members (Onew, Key, Minho, Taemin) will be starring in it.


Hope they are trying to be careful before their debut in March. Fighting, Jonghyun~


8 thoughts on “[news] Jonghyun Not to perform at SM Town Live in Tokyo

  1. really? aishh~ poor jjong~
    why don’t they let him participate, just like in their concert TTTT

  2. SME, what is this bull? still using leg injury as an excuse? what are you up to, huh?! can you at least treat your artists like humans too, they may be business to you but to us they are inspiration and happiness.

    jujugal, thanks for the trans… u rock!

    • Don’t get so upset. I’d rather believe this proves SME is treating him as a human. This is why they want to let him have a break and rest well after moving around at the concert.

      • so many activities are coming up that he’s not included, it’s not like they are gonna dance for hours in australia and taiwan so it makes me wonder why he isn’t coming(he’s not even my bias, lol).
        it’s hard to view this positively but yeah, i’m gonna cut sme some slack…

        again, thanks for always updating us with shinee delights!

      • Welcome! I still think it’s because their activities in Japan are more important than any of the others. And I agree on that. Those events in australia and taiwan are one time thing, but their activities in japan will be a long-term one and should be made a strategic focus.

  3. really??i think it already too long..even tiffany snsd injured after jjong with the similiar problem but she already get into promotion again..
    sm,,NEVER DARE plan something bad about shinee..
    i will think positively that jjong must rest to prepared shinee debut in japan..^^

    • I think the difference is where you had an injury. You know f(x) amber. She had to have a long break because she had the same injury. I think they learned a lesson through Amber’s case. They let her perform when she got hurt, and it got so worse and took so long to get healed. I heard once you have the ligament part hurt, it takes long to get healed. And you should be very careful, cuz it can go wrong again very easily. Maybe he needs a break after he moved around at the concert. I think they want to be careful before SHINee’s debut in japan. Don’t worry.

      • right..hope jjong get fully recovery before japan debut^^
        anyway,,thanks for all video with subs..hwating!!

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