[news] Serbian Singer Plagiarized SHINee’s Lucifer?

Doubts recently arose through an online community that “Mu karac koji mrzi ene,” a song  by Serbian singer Jelena Karleusa, plagiarized SHINee’s hit song Lucifer. The song sounds like a remixed version of Lucifer with the refrain order slightly changed.

SM Entertainment said on Jan. 7 that they will make a joint action with the U.S. publishers of Lucifer through a European attorney against the alleged plagiarism.

[based on Money Today Star News]
Trans by jujugal


I listened to the song. Some parts sounds just the same. Shame on whoever made the song.

Mu karac koji mrzi ene on Youtube


3 thoughts on “[news] Serbian Singer Plagiarized SHINee’s Lucifer?

  1. wow, i thought the song was tht kind of type where many singer could buy it sicne it is only a sample…but i guess i was wrong..

    go sm ..do your thing….sue is your best ability after all

    • yes, it’s really the same.what was she thinking? oh, well, seems like she was a fan of shinee or she just saw the gag show and she just plagiarized the budist song :))
      i loved Leble’s comment about sm.

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