[news] SHINee Japan Home Went Down on Opening Day


SHINee proved their explosive popularity in Japan. 
Sanspo Japan reported on Jan. 4 that SHINee Japan home page temporarily went down with a rush of hits on its opening day.
SHINee had their first solo concert in the Yoyogi Stadium in Tokyo on Dec. 26.

After a notice for SHINee’s Japan home opening was sent to those who attended the concert, over 20,000 hits on the website were made for one hour from 8 p.m. The home page’s subscription system went down for 4 hours from 9 p.m on Dec. 26.

According to Sanspo, it was an unexpected happening that the new website got such a rush of hits even without a public notice. After the server was recovered, it made about 100,000 page views a week as the news went round. Sanspo added that it proves SHINee’s popularity in Japan that about 24,000 people attended the two rounds of SHINee’s concert after 100,000 people applied for the one-month concert ticket event.

[from Sport Chosun 110104]

SHINee to Be Next TVXQ?

SHINee’s debut in Japan in March looks promising. With the sign of their uncommon popularity, SHINee is likely to continue K-pop boom in Japan as next TVXQ.

[the same report as above]

[from Sports Seoul]

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