[news] Jonghyun Can’t Dance at Concert

Jonghyun posted a message at SHINee homepage to say that he can’t dance with the other members on the concert stage. It means he hasn’t fully recovered from his leg injury. While he is going to sing his part on stage, a Chinese trainee will replace him in the dance performance.

It seems that some fans are feeling uncomfortable about the fact the trainee will dance with the other members at the concert. It is said the trainee is a supposed member of “Sonyeon Cheonji,” a group rumored to debut soon. This Chinese member is following Jino, another supposed member of Sonyeon Cheonji who debuted as a member of S.M. The Ballad first. What makes some fans uncomfortable is SME seems to be using SHINee’s concert to promote the new group. The fans ask why one of back dancers can’t perform Jonghyun’s dance part.

But the trainee must be a very good dancer and will look better than one of back dancers on stage with SHINee. And SME artists are supposed to help each other. I think the fans’s response might be in part because they feel sorry for Jonghyun not being able to perform due to his injury and feel queasy about a “stranger” coming between SHINee and fans at the time of intimate communication.


3 thoughts on “[news] Jonghyun Can’t Dance at Concert

  1. sm been using SHINee, clearly.
    1st Jino, then now this substitute from their soon to debut group?
    i dont feel good about this group anyway. dont blame me. blame sm, they make me feel uneasy about this group.

    • Yeah, I felt uneasy at first, but it’s also true that Jonghyun can’t dance in his current condition and needs help. Maybe this is the best they can come up with.

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