[fancam/account]SHINee Outdoor Rehearsal for Music Core


Other fan accounts:

This fan says (rightly as seen in the picture) it was Key first sitting on the platform, and Onew on Key, then Minho, then Taemin. Taemin started the “Big Worm” dance part and all the others followed.

At the remix part, Key did the original dance, so fans all laughed.

Jonghyun liked it when fans shouted “Jonghyun Oppa.”

A few fans said to Onew, “Oppa, we liked Ya Haeng Sung” And Onew flopped down with a sad expression.

When Minho and Onew were doing MC, a few fans shouted, “Chulbal~” and Minho did it back to fans.

When Jonghyun was on the platform, fans said, “Wow, you are the tallest,” and Jonghyun was happy to hear it 😀

Taemin was coughing 😦 


Source: DC | Photo Cr as tagged

Trans by jujugal


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