[Review] Minho’s Character in 100 School Variety

가장 확실한 캐릭터는 샤이니의 민호다. 모범생이라는 타이틀을 단 민호는 진짜 <백점만점>이라는 학교의 학생처럼 행동한다. “<드림팀>에서 예능을 배운” 민호의 승부근성과 아이돌의 모범답안 같은 행동은 박명수의 유행어를 시의적절하게 활용할 줄 아는 센스와 합쳐지며 하나의 확실한 캐릭터로 부각된다.

The most clear character is SHINee’s Minho. Named “model student,” Minho behaves like a real student attending “100 out of 100 Points” School. When Minho acts like a model answer for idols and shows his competitive spirit as one who learned how to entertain in the “Dream Team,” he stands out as a settled character who knows how to use the hit word he learned from Park Myeongsoo in a timely manner. [from 10 Asia review of “100 Out of 100 Points (100 School Variety)”]
Trans by jujugal

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