SHINee at Star King 101218

Kang Hodong teases Minho about standing inside of the flag used to make a fitting room for women guests.


Taemin is loved by hyungs and noonas. Look at Sangchoo, a hyung standing behind Taemin. He must find Teamin so cute and can’t resist a desire to pat his cheek.

2 thoughts on “SHINee at Star King 101218

  1. hi… I want to watch SHINee on Star king and strong heart,. but I can’t find it any where. This vid is also private. Can u let me watch this?? =))))
    Pleeeaassee?? =)))

    • Oh, it’s private because SBS finds and blocks the uploaded videos… wait, the videos listed on Treasure#1 page are not private. They are just unlisted. So if you click the link you should be able to watch them?!

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