Jonghyun @ S.M. The Ballad Fansign 101215

Cr as tagged | Source: DC

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— A fan’s account:

Me: Hi~
Jh: Hi~
Me: What is the best-looking bird in the world called? ^^
Jh: ………………………..What is it called?
Me: Kim Jonghyun-looking bird
Jh: …(sighs and smirks) What’s your name?
Me: xx. Please, add a heart sign, heart, heart, heart
Jh: (draws heart)
Me: (moving on) Please, come up to the 2nd floor at the concert
While the fan is waiting for Kyuhyun’s autograph, they continued on the conversation
Jh: Sorry, I can’t
Me: Why? why not? why?
Jh: I can’t…. I can’t go to the 2nd floor


– Another fan’s account:

Me: Can you dance at the concert?
Jh: No… I can’t…
Me: You can’t? … My birthday is on the same day with the concert
Jh: Oh really? ^^
Me: I look forward to it
Jh: ㅎㅅㅎ
*Let’s see if he said that to surprise fans at the concert or if he really can’t dance because his leg hasn’t been recovered yet.

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